It's easy to define what a company is or aspires to be. But we're a little different. Sure, we have that stuff AND we are not trying to be all things to all people. So... is what we aren't about.

Managers not doing their jobs

Being a manager is tough, there is no denying it. But we are not a replacement for having conversations with your people about development, recognition, and goal setting. We are not trying to automate goal setting or recognition. That just gives bad managers and excuse to not do their jobs. Management should not be automated. Collecting and providing real-time access to feedback in a meaningful way, that's helpful. Coaching with multi-sourced and ongoing data, that is helpful. We want to make manager's job easier AND we want them to be more effective.

Avoiding Conflict

Just because it is anonymous doesn't mean it doesn't hurt when we get tough feedback. In its quest for harmony in the workplace, some HR departments have worked so hard to eliminate conflict that we've forgotten how to have tough discussions. Development and progress is about change, and change is inevitably about conflict. We are not about avoiding conflict, we are about navigating conflict with better data.

Force ranking

The whole reason Ohos was conceived is because rating systems can and ARE manipulated for organizational purposes. Many companies have failed their employees through a forced rankings practice. Need to lay people off and want to avoid paying unemployment? Rate a bunch of people as poor performers. Want to justify a compensation strategy? "Level" your ratings accordingly. Don't know how to properly motivate people? Give them a 4 when they deserve a 5. Manipulating ratings is the same as paying for a recommendation. It's bad for business. 


We do not run our system though anything other than smart mathematics. You cannot skew the data, you cannot manipulate the data. Individuals see the greatest level of granularity when it comes to how they are being given feedback and how they show up as raters. There is NOTHING about an individual's feedback or activity that a manager can see that they cannot. Managers do not deserve to see more of your feedback than individuals do. While they may see it for more people and the team aggregates, they see more breadth, not depth.