Notable Quotables

Crowdsourcing, by leveraging social recognition data, is a better way for managers to collect, evaluate and share information on employee performance.
— Harvard Business Review (1)
Real-time data makes a powerful difference in customer experience as having this data enables the organization to create a climate that makes each customer’s experience positive and productive. The right data can help make customers stick around for years to come.
— Questback, "The Power of Real Time Customer Feedback"
Transparency here has increased the amount of praise and positive interaction around the great achievements of teammates.
— Leo Widrich, COO at Buffer
much of what we’ve seen so far suggests that a large group of diverse individuals will come up with better and more robust forecasts and make more intelligent decisions than even the most skilled ‘decision maker.’
— James Surowiecki, Author, "The Wisdom of Crowds", 2005
Research on motivation and the brain explain why standard performance reviews fail
— Harvard Business Review, Sept 2015
Holy sh!t. This is awesome!
— Dave Dunda, CEO at Rapid Response Emegency Systems