We are unique.

That is easy to say, but we put something in writing to make it real. We make a commitment to ensuring leadership roles go to the people who care about their team and understand that self-interest takes a back seat to appreciating and advocating for your people.

Every leader who is promoted to a level that supervises people is asked as a condition of their new role and responsibility to sign this agreement. If you are not ready to put the needs of your team ahead of your own, what gives you the audacity to expect them to put the needs of the team above their own.

Our Leadership Code

Leadership is not about being in charge, it is about caring for those IN your charge
— Simon Sinek

Ohos was founded under the principles that leadership is not a title or position that is given, it is earned by the respect of those you work with on a daily and weekly basis. Would they willingly follow you? We believe leadership can be developed; to do so takes time, effort, self-awareness, and a sincere interest in the well-being and success of others, whether they work at Ohos or not. Our aim is to hire, recognize, and be advocates of individuals who, by their efforts and compassion, inspire and enable the development and growth of those around them. Ohos hires, builds, and develops leaders who make a positive difference for others within our company, our clients, and our communities.

As a result of our guiding beliefs and goal of being a recognized bastion of real leadership, being a manager of others at Ohos looks a little different. Our people are what empower our vision to become reality. If you seek a leadership role to be in charge, direct, or increase your own personal influence, that is not what we do. If, however, you desire to lead others to help them grow, coach them to better performance, and have a positive impact on their careers and life, we look forward to helping that become possible. Below is what we expect from our leaders as well as what our leaders can expect from us.

Ohos Commitment to Leaders

We Will Pay You Well

The increased responsibility of your role and different skill set involved with leadership is rewarded with a higher annual salary and bonus eligibility.

We Will Give You Additional Stock Discounts

With your increased potential impact on Ohos in a leadership role, you will be able to purchase stock at a greater discount than others.

We Will Develop You

As with any role at Ohos, we will provide development opportunities to grow your abilities in your role. Since leadership development is often a greater investment, additional budget will be granted for your growth as a leader.

We Will Give You Autonomy

As with all roles at Ohos, we trust you are doing the very best you know how and have the best intentions in mind. You have autonomy to run your team as you see fit provided you are meeting the expectations Ohos has of you as a leader (see above.)

We Will Hold You Accountable to Make and Hit Your Team Goals

Accountability is a form of feedback. Every person at Ohos is accountable for their results. Your success as a leader is determined by the success of your team. You have the autonomy to set your team goals in alignment with the needs and strategy of the business. You are accountable to your team achieving those goals.

We Will Trust You

You will have access to sometimes sensitive information about the company, your team, and clients. We trust you will make good decisions on how, when, and what to share. We will be honest and inclusive of the decisions and information that impact you and your teams. We will give you feedback you need to hear in a way you can hear it.

We Will Support You and Treat You with Dignity, and Respect

We did not place you in a role of leadership to see you struggle or fail. We are committed to your success and will work with you to best enable that success. Trying out a leadership role and realizing it is not for you does not signal a failure - it signals growth and we will treat those occasions with dignity. We want you to be great and will give you as much opportunity to find where you will have the greatest impact and satisfaction. Above all else, you are a human being. We commit to open, honest conversations about your career and will always treat you with respect.


David A. Needham

My Leadership Commitment to The Team

I Eat Last

My people come first. When it comes to bonuses or compensation adjustments, Ohos will pay bonuses and grant compensation adjustments starting at the bottom and working its way up the different levels. If I lead a team, I will get a bonus or a raise AFTER my people do. This applies to all levels of leadership. The Executive Officers commit to ALWAYS being the last group to get a bonus or a raise. Also, as a leader, I commit to being the first to take a pay cut should the need arise, Executive Officers will ALWAYS take pay cuts first.

I Am Responsible for My Team Members

It is a core function of my role as a leader to enable and encourage the personal and professional well-being, engagement, development, and performance of my team members. If my team members are struggling I will take the blame first, work to clarify my expectations, tell them they are not doing as well as I hoped, ask what support they need, and then give it.

I Make My Own Feedback Visible

As a leader, I can only improve by first increasing my self-awareness. To uncover blind spots I will actively seek and share feedback I receive. I will engage in positive conversations to understand how I can become a better leader for the individuals with whom I work. My Ohos profile will be public and open for conversation.

I Am Not Entitled to My Position

There is nothing in my past that guarantees my future. I must continuously earn the privilege of leadership. If my leadership recommendation score drops, I will actively seek feedback on how to improve. If I am unable to elevate my leadership recommendation to an acceptable level within 3 months, I will work with my team and leaders to find a better role that can leverage the strengths I bring to the Ohos team or work with them to explore opportunities outside of Ohos.

Lead First, Manage Second

Leading is about people, managing is about process. A successful outcome is predicated on the success of the individuals on my team. A broken team is worse than a broken process. Through talented people, I will work to facilitate their success (and by aggregate, the success of my team) with effective and adaptable processes.

The 4.5:1 Rule

Executive officer annual salary shall not exceed a 4.5:1 multiple of Ohos’ lowest paid full time employee. A rising tide raises all boats. As we are successful as a company, I commit to ensure benefit to all.