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Because Feedback Matters - (expansion on “Ohos and the and Mess with SCOTUS” post )

We received some feedback on our last post “Ohos and the Mess with SCOTUS.” Topical and sensitive posts often do that. We wanted to clarify the parallel we were trying to draw and highlight the example of how making a decision based on bias (and no data) can make people very frustrated, angry, and divide people. Better data = better decisions.

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Ohos and the Mess with SCOTUS...

Do you have a ‘Kavanugh’ you are about to promote? If you are only using your perspective and promoting without getting data from the people someone is about to lead and works with everyday…you might. I’m not saying Brett Kavanaugh should or should not be confirmed, I am saying if we (and Congress) had readily available feedback data from people who studied and worked with him over the years, maybe things would be going differently (and maybe with another candidate.)

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