Because Feedback Matters - (expansion on “Ohos and the and Mess with SCOTUS” post )

I want to thank everyone for their feedback on our recent post “Ohos and the Mess with SCOTUS”. Some of the feedback alerted me we were less than clear in the parallel we were trying to draw.

Very simply put. Decisions made without data are subject to anger and division on both sides. The decision to appoint Kavanaugh (or not) is no different than the decision to promote a manager. While one may be agued to have broader implications, they both have the potential to drastically affect people’s lives beyond just the person in question.

The degree of emotion many are feeling about the issue is even further proof of how pervasive emotions can been in making a decision without getting multiple points of feedback or having any historical data. It is also evidence of how people can be very upset at the result and decide to seek retribution in some way. People will always get their voice heard. If you don’t listen before you make a decision, they will make themselves heard after.


…to all who provided feedback, ESPECIALLY those who were courageous enough to provide critical feedback. It is sometimes difficult to do and I appreciate it immensely (it would be incredibly ironic if I didn’t.) One piece of feedback is an anecdote, The plural of anecdote is data. We believe in feedback and we believe in data. We also believe smarter data leads to smarter decisions. And when you make better decisions you get improved outcomes and improved relationships…I think that is something we can all get behind.