Our Mission:

Inclusivity + Visibility = Better Companies

Real-time input from everyone (employees and customers) combined with powerful people analytics gives companies better visibility to subject matter experts, competency gaps, and whom to promote.

We're smarter feedback for smarter companies.

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Our Mission

Everyone deserves a great place to work, great people to work with, and great careers. Leveraging People Data more effectively advances companies and careers by improving the feedback people get, helping companies select better leaders, and manage unconscious bias.

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Our Impact

Ohos provides companies qualitative feedback for improvement, quantitative data for better decisions, automatic mentor and development suggestions, and powerful analytics to highlight interpersonal, gender, or other biases.



Easier conversations

Managers, leaders, and employees report easier conversations to interpret feedback and discuss development resources.



Early warning of engagement risks

By seeing performance drops over time, managers are able to investigate possible engagement concerns more quickly.



Higher DIversity in New Managers

With leadership recommendations and aggregated data, leaders promote more diverse managers.

Our Programs

Using a flexible and fast collection page (30 seconds,) anyone can give feedback at any time. As the data grows, so do the insights to steer behaviors and talent decisions. 


REaL-Time Visibility FrEe From Bias

See unfiltered data in real time for more immediate adjustments in behavior. 


Anonymity with Accountability

Designed to reduce power dynamics with anonymity, Ohos uses robust rater analytics to keep people accountable.

The PlURal Of Anecdote IS DATA

Aggregated feedback shows trends, changes, and progress with historical visibility giving a better picture of true performance.


Bias DEtection and Awareness

By highlighting potential trends, Ohos helps individuals manage their own unconscious biases more effectively.

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October 2017

I've never had insight like this into my company, how my employees are performing, or how they are interacting with customers. Ohos gives me all of that in a fast and easy to use platform. There is nothing like it!

- CEO, InterwestDC


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Ohos is how feedback and people data was supposed to be for a networked workplace. It's no longer a top-down environment and managers have more responsibilities than ever. Getting feedback from leaders, peers, coworkers, and customers on a continuous basis is the best and fastest way to see how you and your employees are impacting your company. We are building better places to work by asking the people who work and do business there. Ohos is smarter performance management for smarter companies.


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